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  Mobile grooming
at your bark and call
  (909) 816-8949
We accept all major credit cards:
Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Card
Benefits of mobile grooming for pets and their families:

*Less time apart from home and family (The time needed is about 1 hour).
*Very sanitary environment, free of pungent odors and germs.
*Pets won't be at risk of another dog's contagious parasites and illnesses.
*Pets will be handled by only one set of hands, pets get to know me and trust me.
( most shops groomers don't personally bathe, dry, or brush pets, the hired bathers do).
*No missed messages or misinterpretations of instructions relayed through a 3rd party.
*I will remember you and your pet, enabling me to inform you of any changes developing in your pet that I think you and your vet should be aware of.
*No transporting pets, keeping your car free from damage of sharp nails, chewing uphostery, shedding hair, and accidents that can happen when your dog is nervous.

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